The Participation Problem

In my last blog post, I touched on what I call the "participation problem". This problem is the foundation of all the other great problems that Americans face. Americans, especially Millennial, simply don't participate in their communities at the civic level.

There’s a reason why government officials refuse to pass basic gun safety reforms, despite the fact that Americans overwhelmingly support some basic safety reforms.

There’s a reason why the government won’t address climate change despite the fact that it’s 70 degrees in NYC, mid-December. 

You might be tempted to say that it’s corrupt campaign finance laws that prevent gun reform or adequate protection of civil liberties online, but you have to ask, “Why are the campaign finance laws corrupt?”.

There is a fundamental problem that enables the rest of these problems to foster and grow. The problem is that people don’t participate in their communities at the civic level. To be fair, it’s not entirely the average person’s fault. People simply don’t have the time or information that they need to participate.

At Voices we believe we can address this problem. I will dedicate our next blog post to outlining the specific ways that the Voices app can enable people to participate in their communities.